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Walk On lyrics


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     Walk On
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        And love
    It's not the easy thing
    The only baggage
    That you can bring
    Not the easy thing
    The only baggage you can bring
    Is all that you can't leave behind

    And if the darkness is to keep us apart
    And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off
    And if your glass heart should crack
    Before the second you turn back
    Oh no, be strong

    Walk on
    Walk on
    What you got, they can't steal it
    No they can't even feel it

    Walk on
    Walk on
    Stay safe tonight

    You're packing a suitcase for a place
    None of us has been
    A place that has to be believed
    To be seen

    You could have flown away
    A singing bird
    In an open cage
    Who will only fly
    Only fly for freedom

    Walk on
    Walk on
    What you got
    You can't deny it
    Can't sell it or buy it

    Walk on
    Walk on
    You stay safe tonight

    And I know it aches
    How your heart it breaks
    You can only take so much

    Walk on
    Walk on

    Hard to know what it is
    If you never had one

    I can't say where it is
    But I know I'm going

    That's where the heart is

    And I know it aches
    And your heart it breaks
    You can only take so much
    Walk on

    Leave it behind
    You've got to leave it behind

    All that you fashion
    All that you make
    All that you build
    All that you break

    All that you measure
    All that you feel
    All this you can leave behind

    All that you reason
    All that you care

    It's only time
    And I'll never fill up all my mind(???)

    All that you sense
    All that you scheme
    All you dress up
    And all that you see

    All you create
    All that you wreck
    All that you hate
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